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"Do not invest what is left after spending but spend what is left after investing"
- Warren Buffet

Increx Investment Limited is an asset and financial management company. With teams of Savvy investment experts from varying backgrounds, our primary goal is to help our clients to improve financial security using the best investment ideas that deliver real value, manage risks and gain new sources of returns.


Forex stands for Foreign Exchange and Forex trading is the online currency exchange trade or act of simultaneously buying and selling currencies of different countries online using Internet trading platforms.

The Forex market is a dynamic one with vast opportunities that offer above-average returns for experienced and seasoned Forex investors. Increx Investment through its team of professional Forex traders make consistent financial returns from Forex trading on a weekly basis by a combination of conservative and aggressive trading strategies.

Real Estate

All over the world the real estate business is one sector of the economy that offers a good financial opportunity, giving that Landed property does not depreciate but appreciates over time. With an ever-growing economy, Africa is constantly facing Infrastructural deficit even more so in the area of shelter.

Increx Investment sees this as a huge investment opportunity and we have interests in Land/property flipping, property development, Leasing and rentals of home and office apartments.

Hospitality & Tourism

Hospitality and Tourism involves different types of services ranging broadly from restaurants, food services, hotels, relaxation spots, event management, photography, hotels, transportation, business and leisure travels.
Increx Investment sees a wide range of profit potential in this sector.


With a Population of over 1.2 Billion people, Africa really does have a lot of mouths to feed. Hence, Food security is a top priority for many Countries and World Organizations.

This opens up investment opportunities in Agriculture ranging from food production, processing and packaging.


With increasing speed of Urbanization across the continent, creating and adopting transportation models that are safe, reliable, fast and saves costs is a pressing need particularly in densely populated and fast growing cities.

Increx Investment hopes to capitalize on emerging technology to create Indigenous transportation solutions.

Mobile Payments

Africa has a huge financial inclusion issue that has lingered for many years. Unlike developed economies like the United states where 93% Citizens have banking options, Africa has a lot of unbanked adults with little or no access to financial services.

With the increasing drive for cashless societies, the gap between the banked and the unbanked seems to be growing even wider.
Increx Investment is exploring the possibility of partnering with strategic investors to create tailor made mobile payment solutions that can even be adopted for remittance in very remote areas in Nigeria.

As a private firm we are focused on doing what’s right for investors over the long term, which is preserving capital whilst maximizing gains.

Our investment interests cover a wide range of Instruments selected from Financial Markets, Real estate, Agriculture, Manufacturing, and a wide array of services including transportation, hospitality, education/training just to mention a few.

Invest. Develop. Grow.

Investing and growing wealth can be a very boring and intimidating task laden with a lot of risk. However, we take this burden off our client’s and demystify the complexities involved with investing through our detailed market analysis and periodic reports.


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